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     Kauai Concierge Visits

Announcing Concierge House Calls to your home, vacation resort, or conference.  Any falls on vacation should only be water falls! However, accidents and illnesses do happen.  We can provide a visit to your vacation location and may help you to avoid an Emergency Room visit.  Whether you are a traveler or a permanent resident, we are available for your peace of mind.  Your time in Hawaii should be enjoyable.  If you need medical care, we will come to you!
    * Skin/Skeletal Injury
    * UTI, Flu, Respiratory, etc.
    * Physical assessment
    * Prescriptions, as needed
       (No controlled substances)
    * Written collaboration with                  your Provider

Fee for service, $350.00 - $500.00. We provide documentation for you to submit for your insurance reimbursement.  Insurance reimbursement is not guaranteed.